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Conscious Buying Guide

Updated: Feb 11

Hey internet folks! Here is a conscious buying guide with some questions that I like to ask myself before making choices about buying items. I hope you find it helpful.

1- Do I need this item?

This is not to suggest that buying items you want and not need is bad, but always a good starting point especially when it comes to budgeting.

2- Will this item truly make me happy or am I buying this for the wrong reasons?

3- Do I already own this item or something similar?

If so, can I use this first before making a new purchase?

4- Can I rent this item?

5- Where am I buying this item from? Do I support their actions and values?

6- What is this item made from and packaged in?

7- Is there a more sustainable alternative for this item that would bring me the same level of satisfaction?

8- Is this item within my budget?

9- How do I feel about making this purchase?


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