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How to manage climate anxiety

Hey internet folks! Just a heads up that we are talking about mental health so if that's not you're cup of tea then feel no pressure to read, however I do feel that discussions around mental health are important. This is a reminder that whatever you are feeling and going through is valid and that there are people who love and need you in this world even though it doesn't always feel that way when you are struggling.

So what is climate anxiety?

Well climate anxiety is essentially a fear of the extinction of our species or an extreme sense of environmental doom. And it's unsurprising in the sustainable lifestyle community that we are sometimes prone to feelings of fear around the climate. Because let's face it, talking about the endangered survival of our species when the sixth mass extinction is already underway can be daunting! So how can we cope?


This can be meditation, yoga, journaling, breathing exercises such as box breathing, or taking a walk in nature. This is useful in calming your nervous system down to remind your brain that you are safe, we are safe, and things are going to be okay.


This one is not for everyone, however, going outside and touching nature (such as tree) supposedly has benefits for your nervous system. Whilst nature has a calming affect, I'm not sure whether or not it is necessary to literally hug a tree although feel free to email us if you feel strongly otherwise.


Stop reading the news, it probably isn't good for you. Unplug from social media. Look after yourself. Practice self love and self care. These things are not easy but remember that self care and self love can start small, such as making a cup of herbal tea or doing a two minute meditation. Try to listen to your body and your mind, what do they want? How can you meet your needs?


it is not one individual's responsibility to solve the climate crisis, it simply isn't feasible. Technology is useful yes, but human behaviour is a more significant tool in combatting climate change. Accept your limitations as an individual and that you are doing everything you can and that that is enough.


Let yourself connect and feel less isolated. Allow yourself to be distracted from self judgement, fear, and your inner critic. It can be hard to socialise when you don't feel okay but remember that true friends are people who can see you on a bad day. And remember that people are always there for you, even if it doesn't feel like it.

Thank you for reading! I'll see you soon.


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