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Making an eco kit

Hey internet folks! If you're just starting out on your sustainability journey and don't know where to start this post is for you. Also, check out this post about starting a sustainability journey. Let's dive in.

Okay, so what is an eco kit? An eco kit is a little bag/pouch that you can take with you or keep in your car that helps to reduce plastic waste and keep you accountable on your sustainability practices. Feel free to modify this list to fit your lifestyle.

What to put in your eco kit:

- metal/glass/collapsable straws

- reusable hot/cold cup

- tupperware/reusable silicone food bags

- bamboo cutlery

- plastic free deodorant

- vegan, clean, reef safe, ZW sun screen

- shopping bags

Why does an eco kit matter?

It can be hard to remember all the eco tools you need when out and about. The goal of this eco kit is to help reduce waste and make sure that sustainable habits are reinforced.

Thanks for reading!


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