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The Ethical Gifting Guide

Hey internet folks! Welcome to the ethical gifting guide. This is intended for use if you are purchasing a gift for someone else, or for yourself. Enjoy!

1- Why am I buying this gift?

Sometimes we make unnecessary purchases, and other times our purchases can bring genuine utility to people around us, including ourselves. Ask yourself the purpose of buying this gift for someone- will it add intentionality to their life? Do I have a reason to buy this gift?

2- Where am I buying this gift from?

Does this company or person's values align with my own, and if not, am I still prepared to buy an item from this place? Again, the more aligned your values are with the place you buy products from, the more intentional you are being. And intentionality is a cornerstone to a conscious lifestyle.

3- Can I rent this item or buy it second hand?

4- Is this item within my budget?

Set a budget for gifts and decide whether this gift is affordable. If it is, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should buy it, if it isn't affordable you can try looking for second hand options. For example, it is less expensive to buy a used iPhone (you can buy from Best Buy) than buying a new iPhone.

5- What is this item packaged in?

Does the packaging of this item align with my values? If the packaging is compostable, can I compost it? Or do I need to figure out an alternative product that is packaged in a way that aligns with my values?

Thank you for reading until the end! Have a great day!


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