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The Pros and Cons of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Hey internet folks! This post dives into the realm of sustainable fashion. Not only will we discuss the benefits of sustainable fashion, but also the costs of consumption, as well as how to assess a brand for sustainability and ethicality. Whilst no brand can be truly sustainable and ethical, and there is also no such thing as perfection, we can't all just wear nothing, even if it is the most sustainable option!

I: Accessibility of sustainable and ethical fashion:

1- sustainable fashion is a privilege and we must acknowledge in all conversations about sustainability that to balance wants versus needs is a privilege.

2- the price point of sustainable and ethical fashion is far from accessible

3- it is hard to find sustainable and ethical brands that aren't greenwashing, but more on that later!

II: What even is sustainable and ethical fashion and how do I assess brands?

1- a good place to start is the Goodonyou directory. You can also filter brands by location

2- go on the website and look at the scale of the brand and materials used in products.

3- look at hiring schemes if available or the diversity of the leadership

4- research their factories, and look for transparency

5- look at their packaging and where they are based, if it seems sketchy, it probably is.

III: What is responsible consumerism and is there such a thing?

Please check out the conscious buying guide here.

Summary: be mindful of needs vs wants and your consumer behaviours.


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